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Digazu is a set of products that bring added value to your company, quickly and simply. With it, you follow the best path to your IT-transformation and get the highest value out of your data.

Make complex data engineering easier!

500  %
gained efficiency
50  %
Cost reduction
30  X
faster go to market
4  X
decrease financial risk

What happens when Digazu meets your challenges?

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digazu advantages
You save time and costs on your journey towards data centricity
Companies have to become data-centric to remain competitive and please their customers. Building a data platform takes time and is not without risk. Many companies failed in this area, despite the effort of costly data architects and data engineers. With Digazu, you have your end-to-end platform from day one with a lower total cost of ownership. This gives you more time and money to work on creating value.
You increase productivity and create business value faster
Data projects are complex. To implement and maintain robust data pipelines, engineers and scientists have to master an increasing number of technologies. As a consequence, data projects take time, and business teams are often frustrated by the slowness of IT processes. Digazu automates most of the data engineering work. It drastically reduces the time it takes to get value out of your data.
You minimise the time spent on technologies integration
The tremendous growth in the big data sector has led to a multitude of technologies. It is difficult for data engineers to create an environment where so many technologies are properly integrated. With Digazu’s platforms, this challenge is lifted and the integration of your data with data tools has never been that easy.
You see your data engineers acquire new skills
To do their work, data engineers need to master a combination of programming languages, database skills, and data processing tools. Digazu’s platforms lift off the pressure from your data engineers’s shoulders. They will be able to focus on the usage of these tools and to increase their productivity and effectiveness.

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