Boost your data usage to get the highest value out of it.

Automate data engineering to make data usable and accessible for everyone

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Deploy your end-to-end data engineering platform to integrate, automate, orchestrate your data and to create more added-value with your business partners.

Standardise your data science practices. Automate the packaging and deployment of your data science models to secure the POC to PROD migration.

Combine your end-to-end data engineering platform with an MLOps platform to create a holistic data management system that includes data and models.


Save time and costs on your journey towards data centricity.

Building a data platform takes time and has a high failure risk despite the effort of costly data architects and data engineers. The data projects take time, and business teams are often frustrated by the slowness of IT processes.

Digazu helps you:

  • lower total cost of ownership,
  • decrease your time to market,
  • increase your time and money to work on creating value.
Increase productivity and create business value faster.

Data projects are complex. To implement and maintain robust data pipelines, engineers and scientists have to master an increasing number of technologies and the productivity is low.

Digazu helps you:

  • automate and standardise most of the data engineering work. 
  • reduce the time to market of your new cases.
Minimise the time spent on cutting edge technologies integration.

The tremendous growth in the big data sector has led to a multitude of technologies. It is difficult for data engineers to create an environment where so many technologies are properly integrated.

Digazu helps you:

  • ease  the use of the platform due to the UI 
  • build your data pipelines with a visual composer directly in the platforms.
  • use a low to no-code approach for data collection, storage, transformation, and distribution
Let data engineers focus on the customisation and not on standard tasks.

To do their work, data engineers need to focus on customisation tasks and mastering a combination of programming languages, database skills, and data processing tools.

Digazu helps you:

  • automate and standardise data engineering. 
  • end-to-end traceability, giving full transparency of data usage
  • benefit from the platform’s high robustness, performance, availability, and scalability


Low-code platforms vital for the company’s success

Digazu’s Low-code platforms will help you address all your data and data processes challenges in a sustainable and future-proof way. Easy-to-use and highly intuitive, Digazu combines the power of automated data engineering, a data lake and a smart data-science platform.

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