Digazu, The data product factory

Manage your federated data program for maximum business value

Make the first step on a concrete pilot project
To address the ever-growing complexity of data, you need ways of cutting the problem into smaller manageable steps and effective processes.

You want to focus on the business value you can create from data and get rid of any distraction.

Getting organised around data products - data sets packaged for effective consumption by analytical and AI use cases - gives you the means of managing any level of complexity through time and unlocking all the business value out of your data.

A turnkey data platform to create, consume and govern data products

With Digazu, you create, govern
and consume your data products.

Real-time data engineering with the skillset of a data analyst

Real-time data engineering with the skillset of a data analyst

Create effective data products

Keep everything under control across your enterprise

Govern across environments and layers

Robust data governance capabilities and compliance to privacy requirements (GDPR)
Consume data products in a self-service mode thanks to our data product factory

Focus of your business projects on added-value tasks

Consume data products in self-service

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Try your decentralised data organisation on a pilot project

A low-risk approach to build experience fast
We strongly believe that the efficiency of a data programme is driven primarily by the enablement of the different profiles in your organisation and the quality of their collaboration.
You can try your future federated data organisation today on a concrete business project and put your entire focus on people and processes while Digazu is handling the technological aspects.
You will grow very quickly in maturity before investing potentially significant amounts of energy, time and money in your target architecture, technologies and their rollout.
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Setting up a business-driven data program at a large car manufacturer.

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