The shortcomings of traditional approaches

The influx of massive data, be it from monthly reconciliations or constant streams from IoT and web sources, can put existing data infrastructures on their knees.

Traditional ETL chains groan under this pressure, and this not only endangers the integrity of the entire chain but also indirectly impacts lower-volume use cases. Furthermore, it can halt the deployment of potentially valuable high-volume business use cases.

pictogram operational systems

Pressure on operational systems

pictogram daily batches

Slowing-down of daily batches

pictogram high-volume data

Untapped high-volume data

Big Data analytics with Digazu

With Digazu, seamlessly integrate vast volumes into your data analytics initiatives, offering distinct business advantages:

seamlessly integrate vast volumes into your
      data analytics initiatives, offering distinct business

1. Inclusive Data:

No data left behind, regardless of size.

2. Efficient Infrastructure:

Declutter your data infrastructure.

3. Business Opportunities:

Tap into high-volume business use cases easily.

How Digazu Delivers Its Promise:

Digazu's Dual-Advantage: Harnessing the dual power of incremental and parallel processing, Digazu ensures that your vast data volumes are managed effectively

Incremental Processing for Constant Flow

Incremental Processing for Constant Flow:

With Digazu's streaming technology, data is handled as it arrives — event by event. Instead of confronting a mountain of accumulated data, you're addressing a constant stream, making processing manageable and efficient.

Parallel Processing for Unbridled Scalability

Parallel Processing for Unbridled Scalability:

Digazu is built on parallelizable technology. When you need more processing power, just add it. There's no upper limit or constraints; it scales to your needs seamlessly.

Integrate Digazu & Liberate Your Infrastructure

Digazu ensuring your traditional processes remain undisturbed

Keep What Works:

Integrate Digazu into your existing setup without the need for a complete overhaul. Embrace high-volume use-cases while ensuring your traditional processes remain undisturbed.

Digazu’s low-code approach

No reskilling needed:

with Digazu’s low-code approach, transform your high-volume data visually or with SQL.

Unified Data Governance

Unified Data Governance:

With Digazu, integrating new technology doesn't fragment your oversight. Our platform seamlessly aligns with your existing systems, ensuring governance remains consistent and streamlined across all tech layers.

Flexible Deployment for Every Need

Flexible Deployment for Every Need:

Cloud or on-premises, Digazu adapts. Stay agile, responsive, and always prepared for any data volume with our versatile deployment options.

In the realm of high-volume data, Digazu stands out with its unique blend of incremental and parallel processing. Volume is only an opportunity for more business insight, not an infrastructure burden.