The real-time data
engineering platform

Simplicity through technology



In most cases, you can create your own data sets in a matter of minutes without needing to write one single line of code. At worst, you only need to write SQL statements, which makes it very accessible to anyone with a basic knowledge of data. Behind the scenes, all the complex engineering required to make things work gets generated so that the users can focus on the business logic.

This is very well-suited for exploration as doing the work properly can be done as fast as trying things out.


Unified approach
to data​

You can work in one single way across all of your data sources, files, data bases and streams. You can work at logical level, all the rest gets managed automatically.

You can also use exactly the same approach to feed your data science projects, your business intelligence environments and even your complex operational data needs.


Automated deployment
to production

Everything in Digazu is saved as configurations of the underlying technology. Practically, this means that once you are done with your test projects, you can deploy them in production with just a few clicks.


from day one

Installations are out-of-the-box, the software can be deployed in less than a day through any cloud or on an on-premise Kubernetes cluster. The integration of all the necessary components in one single package is making a big difference compared to installing and operating each component individually.

With the low-code approach described before, non-specialist resources can be fully operational in less than a day and can start demonstrating their first results immediately.