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The practical guide to data mesh

This practical guide will unpack the why, what and how of the data mesh approach and how using it can solve many of the challenges of implementing a successful self-service data program.

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Data products: a business analyst exploring data in self-service

In the previous piece, we uncovered the different characteristics of a well-designed data product. In this second blog, we will illustrate a real case scenario that tells the story of a data analyst, “Fred”, trying to navigate the complexities of his data landscape using our data product platform.


The 8 characteristics of a successful data product

The data mesh architecture is built around four fundamental concepts, the second of which is "data-as-a-product" often just called data products.

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Digazu for the automotive industry

Read about the 2022 latest trends and use cases shaping the new automotive industry.


The real-time data revolution

IT-powered innovations, the Internet of Things and new generation customer demands are fueling real-time data creation. In this new data landscape, businesses from all industries are quickly shifting from batch processing to real-time data streams to match the new imperatives. In this blog, our marketing analyst, Selima Triki, unpacks the concept of real time and real-time data, some of its benefits and applications.


No-code/low-code and virtualisation in data engineering

In this blog, we uncover the multiple facets of data engineering, what it is and how complex it can be. Digazu's product manager, Luc Berrewaerts walks us through the new technologies to navigate the complexities of data engineering.


Six important trends of the 2022 data and analytics landscape

Our CEO shares his thoughts on the 2022 most defining trends of the data and analytics market.


Migrating a thousand data pipelines thanks to code as configuration

A leading investment bank approached us recently to review their data management to support new analytics use cases. Learn about how we helped them enhance their data processes through automation and scalability.

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The 4 Most Common Mistakes of Digital Transformation Programs

Read our latest White Paper on the most common mistakes of digital transformation programs, the dos and don'ts of the data journey. Come take a closer look at some of the most challenging pitfalls businesses regardless of their space face in their pursuit of digital and capture the best practices and lessons learned to to drive successful data projects.


The evolution of data architectures

Learn the various ways in which you can store your data and choose the one that best suits your needs. This article will underline the difference between data warehouse, data lake and data mesh while exposing the benefits and drawbacks that you could encounter. Find the best solution no matter how mature your data is.


Data collection, a first step in maximising the value of your data

Pushing the limits of your data doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Still, if left alone, data has little to no value. Read this article and bring your data to life by taking proactive actions towards understanding how to overcome the challenges that data collection can pose. Sometimes simple solutions can solve complex problems.


The new data engineering

Discover how you can take your data engineering to a whole new dimension with Digazu. Specifically designed to simplify the work of your data engineers, Digazu was built to work at scale and to integrate with your IT landscape for sustainable and scalable data engineering.


What happens if you implement a business case roadmap without a platform strategy

Implementing your business cases comes with a price tag of high expectations and inevitable costs. Read this article and discover how you can drastically control the cost of implementation of your use cases and reduce your projects’ time to market.


A glimpse into a great data platform

Discover the building blocks of a modern and scalable data platform. Get insights on how to power your data projects and unlock the value of your data assets.


What happens if you take IT initiatives without onboarding the business department

Read about the impact of IT and business misalignment on the organisation's overall success. We share our tips on how to bridge the Tech and business gap.


What happens if you take business initiatives without onboarding the IT department

Learn more about the common mistakes of digital transformation programs: taking business initiatives without onboarding the IT department.


What happens if you underestimate the complexity of the underlying technology of a modern data platform

Discover the challenges and consequences of the companies that are underestimating the complexity of a modern data platform.

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Data-driven organization and data silos

Discover how data-driven business and data silos cascades all the way down from the different data choices, uses and strategies that companies are using


What are the challenges of data silos and how can I manage them?

A feature-rich data science platform can help you navigate through data silos and bring holistic data management into your organization and leverage the highest possible value out of it.


The 360° customer view

Surviving as a mainstream business today means being data-driven. Yet, becoming a data-driven organization does not happen overnight, it takes a lot more than a few resolutions and a well-articulated data strategy.

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The fast track to GDPR compliance

Download the white paper to discover how to successfully introduce organizational GDPR changes and its requirements to install an effective data governance tool to help you embed privacy into your everyday work.


Personalising the shopping experience

Companies need solutions that aggregate many sources of on- and off-line information, extract data sets quickly, and ease the deployment of models to compute real-time compelling recommendations.


Real-time recommendation challenges for intermediaries

Generate, trough data, additional revenues by automating recommendations with intermediaries, making targeted interactions with customers possible.


Improve your marketing processes and customer satisfaction

Match your business with the everlasting changes in customers’ preferences and expectations.


Fraud detection

By using Digazu you will significantly reduce the time to implement all the necessary steps to detect potentially fraudulent behaviour.