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Marc Delbaere, CEO of Digazu in an interview for BFM Business, talks about Digazu, our data product factory.

Here are some of the highlights of the talk !

What is the major challenge of corporate data today ?

“There is a whole series of professions around data that consist in doing miracles with it. One of the major challenges that we are working on is the acquisition of this data from a number of heterogeneous sources and being able to extract the data from the company’s systems and cloud while combining them in order to carry out value-added projects.“

What is the value proposition of Digazu ?

“The mission of Digazu is to simplify all the upstream and data acquisition phases in order to bring that data in real time to fuel business projects. The solution brings efficiency and speed in terms of implementation time but also in terms of data freshness.”

When we talk about data, we obviously wonder about compliance, confidentiality and standardisation. Where does Digazu stand in terms of governance ?

“With Digazu, we have a solid European anchoring and we are completely aligned with all European directives for everything about data conformity and access to confidential and personal data. All the processes around Digazu allow us to automatically manage governance requirements.”

What are the benefits of using a technology like Digazu ?

“Digazu is a real-time data engineering platform that enables companies to better manage the complexity of their data-driven projects, hence focus on value-added tasks without having to deal with everything that is ultimately luxury plumbing of data.

With our technology, you can enjoy your tropical shower without having to worry about whether or not water is going to arrive at the right temperature to fuel your data projects.”

Can you tell us more about your customers ?

One of our main customers is Toyota Motor Europe, which adopted Digazu for its pan-European data hub, its common approach for delivering business value through data at European level.

Digazu takes care of all the data engineering complexity so that TME can focus on the projects that have a direct business value through data science and real-time business intelligence. This is about getting an efficient and repeatable path to production for all data-related projects. The use-cases span all areas of the business, from 360° customer views to predictive maintenance of robots on production chains. “

How do you see the future of Digazu ?

“For the moment we still have more of a Benelux-France footprint and we hope to expand internationally as much as possible.

We are in the world of technology, and software is still a very competitive market but I think we have a series of very strong arguments around simplicity and mastery of technologies that allow us to provide solutions to large companies and that can bring in great value.”

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