The 4 Most Common Mistakes of Digital Transformation Programs

What does it take to step in the digital transformation? You probably have heard about roadmaps of use cases, data platforms, new and state-of-the-art technologies.

Are your business and IT teams ready to jump into the digital journey?

But, wait! How can you be sure to take the right path? There is no one-fits-all solution when approaching companies’ digital transformation, yet: some common mistakes can be avoided. 

In this white paper we will address some of the biggest challenges/errors that businesses regardless of their space (insurance, banking or telecom) face in their pursuit of digital.

We will dive deeply into the 4 most common error stories, the lessons learned that you can use as items for your checklist to help you drive a successful data project and make your journey through your digital transformation easier and safer:

  1. What happens if you underestimate the complexity of the underlying technology of a modern data platform ?
  2. What happens if you take business initiatives without onboarding the IT department ?
  3. What happens if you take IT initiatives without onboarding the business department?
  4. What happens if you implement a business case roadmap without a platform strategy ?

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