Project description

As a leader within a very competitive industry, our customer saw very early the potential of using data to improve production efficiency and create the best possible customer experience. One important step in that journey was the decision to create a pan-European Data Analytics landscape. The project got tested initially with business scenarios from three very different areas:

The complexity was largely due to the important number of siloed data sources that had to be combined to provide the necessary results.

Digazu – accelerate the path to best

Digazu provided anout-of-the-box implementation of the target data architecture. The team was able to work with proof of concepts and migrate them automatically to production when they were happy with the result.

The built-in GDPR features made it possible to put the projects in production very fast despite the presence of personal data. As a result, after a few months, the scope got extended to cover additional use-cases.

Ongoing benefits

As a central component of the pan-European data hub, Digazu is providing the following ongoing benefits: