A data lake will help you leverage all your produced data to create revenues and reduce your costs. However, many companies are implementing data lake project themselves with their internal expertise. Observers of the "big data ecosystem" are agreeing that data lake projects have a ton of challenges and a high risk of failure because :

1.  The projects were starting small and were forgotten to be prepared to scale

Most data lake projects start small, with one specific use case to implement as a “proof of concept”. While we value the ‘start small, learn, improve and iterate’ approaches, a typical pitfall is to focus on the technical integration for that specific use case, without thinking about the long term usage and the governance of the data lake. Many questions need to be answered in order to setup a scalable approach, such as:

We will help you answer these questions in our White paper “How to secure your data lake project

2.  The projects involved building your own solution

It should be clear from the above challenges that installing Hadoop and building ETL’s to copy data into it will not bring you where you would like to go. However, it is tempting to start building your own solution to manage your data lake, including schemas, formats, historization, scalability and governance processes. While this is definitely possible, there are 3 underestimated challenges related to such an implementation:

Building your own solution and managing the project takes between 6 months (for the very simple cases) and years, or even worse, fail after years of unsuccessful implementation. An occurring risk during such a long project is the loss of knowledge, the expert developers will probably not remain during years on the same project in the same company.

At Digazu we helped many companies, during their data projects,  set up their data lake solution to help them overcome the 2 above-mentioned challenges. Our platforms (end-to-end data engineering platform and end-to-end data science platform.) are built to solve these issues, and much more.

The Digazu’s platforms embed a data lake, that manages all critical out-of-the-box elements:

The implementation of our platforms inside the companies resulted in : 

Do you want to know more about data lakes and our solution? Download our white paper How to secure your data lake project and discover the benefits of a data lake.