Companies need solutions that help BI departments produce customised reports or data scientists to extract data sets quickly and easily, and reduce the work of IT teams. They need real-time data management platforms designed in such a way that the data consumers never need to worry about its technicalities.

In this complex new world where big data and real-time data are essential, most companies do not have the means to address the BI and data science needs. We can summarize what they lack in 3 big challenges:

Digazu solves these issues with its user-friendly platform which is designed and built in such a way that data consumers do not need to worry about its technicalities:

Let Digazu help your organization optimize its workload. Save up to 80% of your work-time related to data pipelining by automating data collection, storage, transformation and distribution. Standardise and industrialise your data science models up to 10 times faster than today.