You can generate additional revenues by automating recommendations and communications with intermediaries, making targeted and relevant interactions with customers possible. With real-time capabilities, you can get updates on-the-fly and provide your clients with a personalised and unique service.

Many organizations deal with their customers through intermediaries as insurance companies do with their brokers, factories work with retailers or service providers work with websites and online platforms. Most of the time, the intermediaries don’t have a 360° customer view that would be needed to provide them with the best customer experience they have ever had.

Let us illustrate how Digazu helped generate additional millions of revenues by innovating the recommendation process of the intermediaries of a well-known insurance company.

The insurance company wanted their brokers to make real-time recommendations to clients : “Imagine a broker meeting a client about home insurance. They are filling in the online form together and a recommendation pops up on the broker’s screen with a customized health insurance offer that the client would be really interested in.”

To answer the insurance company challenges we needed:

Digazu drastically eased the work safely. The platform sourced and centralized the clients’ data and piloted them and the needed actions towards the intermediaries easily, including GDPR compliance, services personalisation and products promotion.

We conclude that Digazu helps you rationalise data use and consolidate data infrastructure. 360° customer views, customised recommendations and automated actions are possible to create additional revenues.

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