Digazu is one level of abstraction above the Google Cloud AI platform. While Google-like platforms provide a suite of tools that can be used to implement AI projects, specific skills and substantial effort are needed to integrate and orchestrate them properly. Digazu is an end-to-end platform ready to use from day 1, making sure you can go from data exploration to running in production in a smooth and optimized way.

At Digazu, we have helped many companies become data-centric. We also saw many companies try to implement a solution by themselves, and most of them failed. The main reasons were that they didn’t have the experience and skills for such a transformation. We are data architects, engineers, and scientists, and we invested more than two years of work on a state-of-the-art platform. Enjoy Digazu; it will be faster than building a platform by yourselves, and with a much lower TCO!

Depending on your project, it can take from a few hours to 1 or 2 days. Our support team ensures you have 0 effort to make to get your platform ready.

We suggest you read our typical use cases. Digazu is perfect for any project involving data pipelines. Some of our customers use Digazu mainly to gather data in a governed solution, to build 360° views, or to enable real-time reporting.

Digazu is fully transparent on how you collect and process your data. Plus, you choose where to store it, how to distribute it, etc. You can extract your data or change cloud providers anytime. You stay in control of your data.