Integration in
The data landscape

Digazu focuses entirely on data engineering and fits in very nicely in most data landscapes. It can be fed either directly from operational data sources or through specialised data connectors (either commercial offerings or a framework like NIFI).

Digazu can be nicely supplemented by data catalogues or metadata management tools in order to further simplify the enterprise understanding of its data landscape.

Digazu contains all the services necessary for archiving but the physical storage can be delegated to any storage service on any cloud platform.

Digazu’s full power is meant to address the most taxing use-cases in data science and is most effective 

when coupled with a dedicated environment for data science/machine learning.  Digazu is bringing the ready-to-use data to the table so that the data science work can be most effective from the start.

The beauty of putting in place a powerful data engineering platform is that it can also support other data consumption needs. You can seamlessly integrate augmented data and generated insight as data into the same stream and can use it for business intelligence as well, including real-time intelligent reporting.  Since all the data is production-grade, it can also be consumed by business applications without being constrained by existing data silos.


Accelerate your projects and decrease your project risks with Digazu. Your consultants can be up and running in a day even with the most basic data skills. Our partnership programme is built on the following three pillars:

  • One day training package covering the whole life cycle: sales, deployment, project execution, first level support.
  • Free license for internal training and demo purposes.
  • Free license for agreed proof of concepts with clients.
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Specialised support in project execution