We are a European software company, that has been created on one simple premise: most of the time spent on data projects is spent on data engineering tasks, everything that stands between the sources of data and their usage in data science or business intelligence.

We want to make data scientists and business analysts’ lives easy when it comes to get the data they need: it shouldn’t take weeks to months or require a great expertise in technology.

Company team

Digazu's origins

Digazu is a spin-off of Euranova, a consulting company specialised in data with a strong focus on R&D.

By implementing data architectures with many leading companies, the consultants at Euranova noticed a convergence of the needs towards data hubs. They also realised that implementing a data hub required significant orchestration of components.

At the same time the R&D team was identifying the opportunity of new technologies in particular Apache Flink to address dynamic data engineering needs.

The development of Digazu started in 2018 from the convergence of a need for simple, automated approaches and of an appetite for state-of-the-art architectures and technologies.

It got a significant boost in its research efforts with public subventions from the Wallonia region.

Digazu got launched in early 2021 and got immediately adopted by customers for large-scale strategic projects.

Our core values

People spending time together

We care for our people

We are humans working with humans to develop software for the benefit of humans (humane development). We are benevolent and we care for each other, i.e. we preemptively reach out.

We like authenticity and transparency. We admit issues, talk about them, and find solutions together, including with customers.

We are remote-friendly with an office in Belgium.

We are Digazu, working is a two-way relationship. We adapt to each other’s working needs (working environment, schedule, part-time), if there is an issue, we talk about it to find a solution together.

Two persons pair programming

We believe in people evolving

We don’t stop only at your resume and experience.

Our onboarding is planned and lasts about 3 months. It starts with the interviews, and it’s just the beginning.

We support your evolution with customized coaching and mentoring. We give you the time for training and learning.

We like to learn, to share our knowledge, to improve, to build Digazu and its business together.

People collaborating

We believe in autonomy and collaboration

We believe that the right decision comes with the right expertise. We delegate the decision accordingly and favor autonomy.

Digazu is the result of a collaborative creative effort, not a patch of individual identifiable contributions. We work together whatever our roles or departments.

We make the information available to give enough context and information and allow anyone to understand and decide accordingly.

We value asynchronous communication to support collaboration and transparency. We document as much as possible everything.

Two persons laughing

We are makers

Whatever our role (e.g. engineer, marketeer, sales rep, executive, product manager), we like to solve people’s hard problems.

We like to improve how we are working (e.g. by automating, by reviewing our approach). We believe in progressive improvements, and quick integration of changes.

We value quality and results. We work as much as possible in small increments.

For Engineering Roles, we work with complex technologies (e.g. Apache Flink, Apache Kafka, Kubernetes) and make them easy to use.

Leadership team

Marc Delbaere

Marc Delbaere


Serial B2B software intrapreneur (MyStandards at SWIFT, Industry Models at IBM), Former Head of Corporates @ SWIFT.

Frédéric Martin

Frédéric Martin

Head of Sales

20+ years of international sales leadership (Vadis, BSB…).

Luc Berrewaerts

Luc Berrewaerts

Head of product

20+ years in international B2B product management (IBM).