Welcome to Digazu

Where complex data engineering is made easier!

Digazu is a spinoff of Eura Nova, a data-centric private research centre. It was set up in 2018 and it is growing faster than ever thanks to our creativity and our know-how. Digazu’s end-to-end data products emerged from those qualities and with the help of Eura Nova’s solution factory.

  Our mission  

Our mission is to simplify data engineering with automation and standardization. We make data usable and accessible for everyone and we create business value and efficiency. This will lead to a future where technology helps companies become data centric. It will help them establish and develop their data culture and management and create added value.

  Leadership team  

Christophe Philemotte

CTO @ Digazu, a software engineer and Ph.D. in neural networks. He is all about making technologies affordable and user-centric.

Sabri Skhiri

As cofounder of Digazu, Sabri has a proven track record in managing teams on one-step-ahead where projects in TTM and project innovation were key factors.

Eric Delacroix

Eric, CEO of Digazu, builds bridges between academic and business worlds. From Digazu’s inception he has been Digazu's CEO & business advisor.