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about Digazu

Digazu's origins

Digazu is a spin-off of Eura Nova, a consulting company specialised in data with a strong focus on R&D.

By implementing data architectures with many leading companies, the consultants at Eura Nova noticed a convergence of the needs towards data hubs. They also realised that implementing a data hub required significant orchestration of components.

At the same time the R&D team was identifying the opportunity of new technologies in particular Apache Flink to address dynamic data engineering needs.

The development of Digazu started in 2018 from the convergence of a need for simple, automated approaches and of an appetite for state-of-the-art architectures and technologies.

It got a significant boost in its research efforts with public subventions from the Wallonia region.

Digazu got launched in early 2021 and got immediately adopted by customers for large-scale strategic projects.

Digazu's leadership team​

Marc Delbaere

Co-Founder, CEO

Serial B2B software intrapreneur
(MyStandards at SWIFT, Industry
Models at IBM), Former Head of
Corporates @ SWIFT.

Christophe Philemotte, PhD

Co-Founder, CTO

Expert in streaming technology,
Founder of PullReview, a fast
Automated Code Review.

Frederic Martin

Head of Sales

20+ years of international sales
leadership (Vadis, BSB…).

14 Employees

A world-class product and engineering team .