The real-time data
engineering platform

Scalable and sustainable


Scalable infrastructure​

Digazu is built on parallel processing that can scale indefinitely with the needs of your business. The running performance of the platform is not impacted by data storage since storage is managed outside of the main processing flows.


through time

Digazu combines the best open technologies and architectures to provide a sustainable data engineering platform through time.

The data sources only need to be connected once and the transformations are easy to maintain in the long run.



Digazu can be deployed on any Kubernetes cluster which are natively supported by all the main cloud providers. Digazu does not lock you in with any cloud provider as the streaming of data it provides can effectively be sourced from and streamed to any environment.

From a deployment perspective, it is very easy to start using Digazu for new projects without impacting any of the existing data infrastructure. Further rationalisations of the environment can be done at any subsequent stage.


Enterprise-wide management

The reconciliation of project-level needs with enterprise-level considerations of re-use, access management and controls is an age-old problem in data management. Digazu solves this elegantly with its decentralized approach and full data lineage.

Digazu can also be integrated with existing enterprise resources: monitoring and alerting, meta-data management, authentication, code version control, API management systems and feeds naturally into existing consumption environments (BI and data science).