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Data-driven organization and data silos

In this race for data-drivenness, the use of big data is a major challenge. Unfortunately, those data are scattered everywhere, and they are also siloed. Shattered into a thousand pieces, part of it is stored in the cloud, some other part rests in a random computer memory. Data that you didn’t even know existed on your servers falls off your radar. Untouched, it slowly ages until it rots in the depth of your databases, infecting the integrity and consistency of the rest of your data.

The notions of data-driven business and data silos cascades all the way down from the different data choices, uses and strategies that companies are using.

 In this white paper we will tackle the following topics:

    • What does a data-driven business means
    • What data silos are
    • Why do data silos exist
    • What are the risks of unmanaged data silos for companies
    • How to tackle the data silos challenges
    • How can Digazu help you