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What are the benefits of a data lake?

A data lake will help you leverage all your produced data to create revenues and reduce your costs. So you have to ask yourself why would my company need a data lake and what are my benefits from setting up a data lake? The set-up of a data lake in your company will help your company gain: 

    • Flexibility: The data in the data lake can be used for many types of use cases, as opposed to data warehouses, which are optimized for reporting.
    • Volume scalability: The data lake can store an increasing amount of data while keeping the cost low.
    • Data accessibility: Once in the data lake, data from siloed data sources can be combined.
    • Data exploration: Data lakes are great for data scientists who want to access and explore raw data efficiently.

Digazu helped many companies setting up their data lake solution through our platform that embeds a data lake that did not only give the above said gains but, due to Digazu’s out-of-the-box critical elements, it also helped the companies with : 

    • Lowering their implementation cost of the data platform, with a much lower TCO than home-made solutions or than a custom integration of the needed components.·      
    • Fastening the implementation of their data platform, typically within a few days, compared to months or years for home-made solutions.
    • Lowering the financial risk of the company’s solution: you can test and validate very quickly if the solution suits the company’s needs.
    • Decreasing the dependency on specialized data architecture data engineering skills.
    •  Increasing the agility and speed in your use cases implementation

Do you want to know more about data lakes and our solution you can contact us,  read our article about “Challenges of data lake project and how to minimise the failure risk?or download our white paper “How to secure your data lake project”