You believe that sooner than later, you will need a more efficient, collaborative way to manage your data across your enterprise but you don’t know where to start?

You have read about new organisational models like the data mesh but feel intimidated by the amount of change management required?

You feel overwhelmed by the combined complexity of projecting yourself in the future with new technologies, processes and individual responsibilities?

You don’t want to spend months or even years in theoretical discussions but want to get an immediate feeling of how things would work in practice in your enterprise?

Take the first step today with our pragmatic approach

digazu manage focus on

We have integrated the industry best practices and packaged them in a simple methodology and ready-to-use technology.

This removed the complexity of technology and the infinite iterations of methodology from the equation so that you can focus on your people’s experience and the practicality of the approach for your organisation.

Digazu manages:

  • The methodology (data mesh)
  • The technologies (collection, streaming, transformation, distribution)
  • The data governance (GDPR, data lineage).

You can focus on:

  • Practical interactions between your people across domains
  • Skills and bottlenecks
  • Practicality and adequation of controls
  • End-to-end efficiency

A pilot project in practice

All you need to do is select a business use-case and the individuals that want to conduct the experience. We take care of the rest.

Depending on the complexity of the business use-case, the pilot will last between one and three months. Digazu’s technology is immediately available and is deployed on the first day of the project. The rest is all about learning by doing and growing in maturity.

With the gathered knowledge, you will be in the perfect position to make the right decisions about your target architecture, technologies and production use cases implementation.

Book a 30 min introductory call

Our data experts will be delighted to take you through our innovative approach and assess how it could deliver immediate results within your organisation.

Take the fast path to maturity for your data organisation.